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Welcome to the Institute of Architecture!



Dear students,

this is a sign of life from the Institute of Architecture to inform you that we are eagerly working on a solution for the upcoming summer semester 2020. We are all facing this challenge together. Let‘s see it as an opportunity to test new and especially digital teaching formats. Together we will see where this journey will take us. We ask you to please inform yourself regularly on the online-pages of the TU crisis group or on the online page of the Faculty VI (in German only).

On this website you will find tips and advice on how to set up your distance studies during this period.

Structure and planning
-is vital when carrying out your studies on distance. Set up a schedule of when and what to read each day and each week. Maintaining a routine is especially important when studying at home. Decide the day before what time to get up in the morning and what to do the following day. Don’t forget to take a break from time to time and go outside for a while. Use an analogue calendar or a calendar available in your computer or phone. They will help you keeping track of what to do for the coming weeks.
Check out EkhartYoga’s free yoga and meditation classes, designed to relieve stress and anxiety.

Setting up goals
Working towards set goals is important in order to know what to do. A clear goal ensures that focus is put on the right activities. Without a goal, there is great risk that the result is determined by coincidence. Set a goal that is desirable and worth the effort. When setting up a goal it is important that it is your own and not somebody else’s, and also that it is achievable

S- Specific
M- Measurable
A- Accepted
R- Realistic
T- Timed

Finding a good study place
If possible, reserve a separate place for your studies. Make your study place as pleasant and functional as possible. Avoid sitting on a couch or bed, as this is not an ergonomic posture. Determine times when, for example, you do not use social media since this may distract your focus. Be honest with yourself and avoid the things that easily distracts you: friends, e-mail, social media, Youtube, TV shows, laundry and dishes.

Prioritize your time
Follow the study plan of your programme or course. You will be working more on the computer than you normally do. Remember to take breaks during the day. Call your friends and study together with your study buddies using digital tools. Help each other and discuss the assignments that you’ve got.

Schedule deadlines
Try to stick to your schedule; otherwise, it is easy to fall into the trap of postponing your studies. This will lead to a higher workload and a risk of getting behind in your planning. In the following video you will get tips on how to avoid procrastination: The Pomodoro Technique - Study And Productivity Technique

Tips! Set up a fictitious deadline the day before the actual deadline. That way you will have an extra day to review the work and will be able to relax and enjoy the good work that you have done!

Devide the workload
Often there are projects that are carried out together with your classmates. In these cases, it is important to be clear and to delegate the tasks among each other in order to reach the goal.

Different learning styles

Make sure your learning takes place in different ways: read, listen, write or combine all of these. People have different learning styles and collects information differently. Try to find what works best for you!
Film on effective studies on distance: How to Effectively Study with Online Courses
Film on study skills: Study Skills & Effective Note taking for Online Students

That's it for now. Further information will follow as soon as possible! Good luck preparing yourself. It's a challenge, together we can do it! (30.3.2020)

All the best, 
Elisabeth, Team Digital Learning

Introductory week


Last chance to participate!


WUS-Förderpreis 2019: Urban Agriculture and Migration

Stolze Gewinner*innen: Svenja Binz, Phil-Torben von Lueder und Julia Brennauer

The World University Service (WUS) has honored two theses on topics of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The award was shared this year and went to Svenja Binz, Julia Mira Brennauer and Phil-Torben von Lueder (TU Berlin) and to Jennifer-Louise Robinson (University of Osnabrück).

"In our master thesis "Urban agriculture in camp communities: new perspectives" we dealt with the structures of Palestinian refugee camps that have grown over decades. With the help of an analysis of local dependency relationships and material flows, we investigated the question of the extent to which urban agriculture can be used as a tool for adapting to climate change and the challenges this poses for working in fragile contexts. The master's thesis is to be understood as a basis for discussion of how climate change adaptation can work in the precarious conditions of Palestinian refugee camps in the context of development cooperation. It is particularly exciting to discuss climate protection issues in rooms that are characterized by refugee experiences. "

The work was supervised by Philipp Misselwitz (Habitat Unit), Emily Kelling and Martina Löw (Department of Planning and Architectural Sociology).


How to participate

• Take a photo of the institute from your individual perspective – be it architectural, atmospheric or
in detail – the choice is yours.

• Upload your photo and accompanying text on to Instagram by 21st February 2020 with the hashtag #myIfA and mark the institute (@institutfuerarchitektur) on the picture.

• You can also send the photo to us at the following email address:

• The most beautiful, creative or most interesting photos will be chosen by our jury and soon be permanently seen in the cafeteria. The best photos will also be displayed on our websites and social media presence.

Please note

• You must be the author of the photo you enter.

• Your photo must be free of third-party rights and rights of publicity may not be infringed when others are depicted in the photo.

• If one or more than one person is identifiable in a photo, you must have their agreement that the picture may be published.

• An image may be edited using photography software.

• Participants grant the TU Berlin the right to make use of and publish the photos submitted to the competition as per the terms of a Creative Commons – Attribution license 4.0 (CC BY 4.0).

Conditions pf participation

1. Organizer of the photo competition

Technical University Berlin

Institute for Architecture

Straße des 17. Juni 135

10623 Berlin

2. Time frame of the photo competition

You can take part in the photo competition from 14th November 2019, 9:00 until 11th January 2020, 23:59.

3. Stages of the photo competition

1. Submit your photo by 11th January 2020, see 5 for submission options.

2. The jury selects the three most beautiful photos. 

3. The winners are informed by comment, private message or email (depending on how the entry was submitted).

4. Eligibility

Anyone over 18 is eligible. Participation using false identities or the identities of third persons is not permitted. The TU Berlin reserves the right to exclude participants from the photo competition who infringe the conditions of participation.

TU staff and their relatives are excluded from participation in the photo competition.

Each participant agrees, should they be among the winners, to being informed thereof by email or Instagram comment with the name provided.

In the event of an infringement of the conditions of participation or an attempt at technical manipulation, participants could be excluded from the competition. In such cases it is also possible that prizes awarded could be subsequently withdrawn or recalled.

5. How to participate

Participation is only possible by submitting a photo using one of the following options:

a) Loading the photo up on Instagram using hashtag #myIfA


b) Sending the photo to: ifa.oeffentlichkeitsarbeit@gmail.com

Only public profiles or publicly visible images can be used to participate. Private profiles are not visible for the organizers. By using the hashtag #myIfA you are agreeing to the conditions of participation. 

6. Copyright and right of publicity

The participant guarantees that they possess all rights to the photo they are submitting for inclusion in the competition, the exclusive rights to any commercial exploitation thereof, that the image is free of the rights of third parties and that the depicting of persons does not infringe any right of publicity. 

Should one or more persons be identifiable in the photo, the parties affected must give their agreement for the publication of the picture. Should, despite this, any third party still have a claim arising from an infringement of their rights, the participant exempts the organizer from all claims.

The TU Berlin reserves the right to delete any images which include or depict insults, racism, hate propaganda, pornography and obscenity, or incitements to violence against persons, institutions or businesses.

7. Granting of rights

Participants grant the TU the right to make use of and publish the photos submitted to the competition as per the terms of a Creative Commons – Attribution license 4.0 (CC BY 4.0). The rights of the authors are protected by the attribution requirement. 

8. Prize offering

Once the deadline for uploading photos has expired, a jury of representatives of the TU Berlin selects the most beautiful, creative or most interesting images.


The winning pictures will be permanently exhibited in the cafeteria. The winners will be informed by Instagram comment function and are required to send a mail to ifa.oeffentlichkeitsarbeit@gmail.com  in order to organize the collection of the prize. Should an entry have been submitted by email, the winner will be contacted by email to the address used when submitting the entry.

If the winner does not respond within two weeks to the notification, then they forfeit irrevocably their right to the prize.

9. Data privacy statement

The participant agrees to the storage, processing and transmission by the TU Berlin of the data provided for the purposes of participating in the competition, as far as this information  is required and appropriate for the competition.  No data is to be passed on to third parties for other purposes.

Participants’ data is to be used exclusively for the purposes of the competition and thereafter deleted. The regulations of the Technische Universität Berlin regarding data protection can be found in the following link: www.tu-berlin.de/asv/menue/datenschutz/datenschutz_regelungen/

10. Liability note

The TU Berlin reserves the right to alter the conditions of participation at any time or to discontinue the competition at any time without notice and without providing a reason. The TU accepts no liability for loss of winning chances resulting from connection problems or malfunctions on the part of Instagram arising from technical issues, or for technical problems when sending emails.

11. Final provisions

Legal recourse is excluded.

The competition is in no way connected to Instagram and is neither organized or supported by Instagram. Participants cannot make any claims against Instagram as a result of participating in the competition.

Should individual clauses of the conditions of participation be, or become, void or unenforceable, the validity of the remaining clauses remains unaffected.

The "Best Thesis 2019" has been chosen!

Congratulations to Team Dis+Ko (category "Master Architecture") and Frederik Springer (category "M-ARCH-T")! You can find more information under »Awards«.

Round Table


On Friday, January 31, 2020, the Department of Architectural Theory invites you to a round table on "Architectural Psychology - Theory and Practice". Guests are very welcome. Please register in advance: g.rauwolf@tu-berlin.de



The presentations are imminent, which is why this roundtalk is being discussed this Thursday: How do you present architecture? And what are we actually trying to convey? We invited Ulrich Müller from Architektur Galerie Berlin and Prof. Rainer Hehl (FG Hehl).
Come and discuss with us, you can certainly take a lot with you over the next few weeks!

When? Thursday, January 23, 2020 at 7 p.m.
Where? Institute of Architecture, Foyer



Warm invitation to the lecture by Erik Göngrich as part of the Bachelor thesis and the two design studios "Excavations for the future" and "In the middle of the common good" on Thursday, January 16. at 6 p.m. in the foyer.

Erik Göngrich is an artist and architect. In addition to the discourse on the image of the city and artistic intervention in public, he negotiates current and future relevant urban policy issues in photographs and drawings. In installations, tours and objects, his work reflects the use and change of public space. The found sculptural and social aspects of the public space become the starting point of a multi-year, often collaborative process with the aim of developing a site-specific intervention.

When? Thursday, January 16, 2020 at 6 p.m.
Where? Institute for Architecture, Foyer

Hello architecture


On Friday, January 24th, our FG DE / CO will host the young architecture firm Kim Nalleweg. Kim Nalleweg was founded in 2015 by Kyung-Ae Kim and Max Julius Nalleweg and since then has mainly gotten into the conversation by successfully participating in various competitions. The new Rosa Luxemburg Foundation building is currently being realized, a design that Kim Nalleweg and César Trujillo Moya won in a two-phase open competition.
We look forward to an exciting lecture!

When? Friday, January 24, 2020 at 5 p.m.
Where? Institute of Architecture, Hall 4

Spring School Tokyo


The Department of Architecture Theory is organizing a Spring School in Tokyo for March 2020, followed by an excursion. The Spring School (March 17-20) will take place at Waseda University, the IfA's partner university in Tokyo. This is followed by visits to renowned architectural firms and an excursion (March 21-28), among other things to reconstruction projects in the Miyagi / Fukushima regions and to other destinations in Japan (Kyoto, Nara etc.).

Further information on the application can be found here. Application deadline is January 19, 2020!

Hello architecture


On the 13th of December, it's this year's last time for "Hello architecture, my name is ..." - Marc Frohn from FAR frohn & rojas will speak from 5 pm in hall 4 about his work and current projects.

FAR was founded by Marc Frohn and Mario Rojas Toledo in 2004 and works in a network between Berlin, Santiago de Chile and Los Angeles. In its projects, the office reflects architectural "deep structures" such as legal and financial rules and power structures, as well as technical and institutional framework conditions. Her work includes residential and cultural construction as well as exhibition architecture.

When? Friday, December 13, 2019 at 5 pm
Where? Institut für Architektur, Halle 4



From her diploma thesis at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna, Zara Pfeifer developed her long-standing photo and research project "Du, meine konkrete Utopie" about the housing estate Alterlaa in Vienna, designed by the architect Harry Glück in the 1970s.
Characteristic of the terraced buildings are the green facades planted with troughs and the swimming pools on the roofs of the 70-meter high building. In addition to the 3,200 apartments, a large number of common areas also characterize the architecture of the blocks.
These are used by currently 33 clubs that have emerged from the residents over the years. For you, my concrete utopia, Zara Pfeifer visited and documented her.

When? Thursday, December 12, 2019 at 6 pm
Where? Institut für Architektur, Foyer



On Tuesday, Verena von Beckerath presents her film "Two Houses" as part of our cooperation with the FG architectural theory on lostinjapan. The research project "Two Houses" examines the interaction between the Bauhaus and Japan on the basis of two houses in the suburbs of Tokyo - Migishi Atelier and Bunzo Yamaguchi House.

When? Tuesday, November 26, 2019 at 7pm
Where? Institut für Architektur, Halle 4 

Introductory events


07.10.2019 Introductory Event Master

08.10 2019 Introductory Event Bachelor

09.10.2019 Open Studios 

11.10.2019 Presentation „Aufgabe Null“

07. – 11.10.2019 Orientation Week

For detailed Information please refer to the
 course catalogue (KVV) in the download section.


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