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The Studio´s purpose is to help students produce professional pictures. Students and staff can us the studio for free. It is possoble to use one´s own equpment or to borrow a camera with objectives. We ask to be carefull with all of the equipment.

I order to use the studio you have to register in the PC Pool (Room A 313). After that you can have the keys to the studio from 2 hours up to 2 days. The rooms have to be clean and organized before returning the keys. Because it can get busy we adive you to make a reservation for the studio in advance with the staff of the PC-Pool.

The studio is located in the basement of the so called "Flachbau" in room K 179A.


The following equipment can be borrowed:

  • 1 photo teh (white)

  • white and grey Molton

  • blue/grey curtain (Chromatte)

  • 1 camera tripod  (Typ Manfrotto 755B)

  • 5 flood lamps

  • 4 flas headlights

  • 1 daylight projector

  • coloured foil, carton...


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